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Tea leaves are selected in Kakegawa, in the highlands of Shizuoka near Mount Fuji, the prime area for Japanese tea cultivation known for its excellent tea production.

The temperature difference between day and night together with the mountain climate refreshed by the morning dew, combine to create the best conditions for producing Jugetsudo’s delicious teas with their unique tastes, aromas and colors.

Our Selections


We cover the tea leaves for approximately two weeks before harvesting. This process of blocking sunlight increases the amino acids in the leaves, thereby increasing the amount of rich umami flavors in the tea. When enjoying Jugetsudo tea, please note and enjoy the uniquely rich and aromatic taste of our tea.


The most popular of Japanese green teas. This tea has a light and refreshing taste as well as a pleasant fragrance like young spring leaves. It contains theanine which gives it an agreeable taste and possesses relaxing qualities. It produces a sensation of freshness and tonicity with vitamin C.

Genmaicha with Matcha

A mix of roasted Genmai (brown rice) with matcha (green tea powder). Pronounced fragrance of roasted genmai produces a relaxing and efreshing effect. Very particular flavor of hazel nuts.


Roasted at a high temperature, this tea gives off a very pleasant fragrance and produces a gentle sensation in the mouth. Less caffeine than other green teas and gentle on the stomach. Lovely brown color.


Jugetsudo’s tea leaves used for matcha are selected from the OKABE area of Shizuoka, a region very close to Mount Fuji. The cool climate offered by the region’s hillsides, along with the pristine water from the ASAHINA river, helps yield the vivid green color, rich flavors and pure aromas of matcha. We offer a wide range of matcha suitable for tea ceremonies as well as confectionery and cooking purposes. 

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