History Jugetsudo

Our history

Jugetsudo is a Japanese tea specialty store founded all the way back in 1854 by Maruyama Nori. While maintaining the 170 year old traditions and original creative visions of the founder, Jugetsudo continues to strive to spread the beauty of Japanese tea on a global scale.

Brand Concept

Sen no Rikyu, the grand master of Japanese tea of the wabi school brought the tea ceremony close to the spirit of Zen. He considered the spirits both of the tea ceremony and Zen to be naturally joined. For him, making tea while engaging the five senses and tasting it meditatively is to have a complete Zen experience.We would be very pleased if you would come to our place and share a moment of joy through your five senses,while finding the spirit of "Cha-Zen" and Japanese culture through a cup of tea.

The meaning of the name Jugetsudo

From ancient times, the Japanese have been attuned to the worship of nature, knowing how to savor its beauty, as for example, the view of the moon rising in the sky and glowing onto the mountain slope, reflecting in the water... While contemplating this backdrop, they would write poems and have tea, and present offerings to the full moon at harvest time...

Jugetsudo means “the place from where one looks at the moon.” At the time we founded Jugetsudo, we had in mind this sentiment towards nature so particular to the Japanese heart of deeply savoring the existence and the passing of the seasons.

World of Jugetsudo

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World of Jugetsudo

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