Our Shop Tsukiji/Ginza/PARIS


Japanese tea house opened its doors in 2003 in the Tsukiji district of Tokyo, next to the parent company Maruyama Nori.
There you can savor delicious green tea in an atmosphere of natural and harmonious Japanese decor.


The Jugetsudo Ginza Kabukiza store follows in the footsteps of the Paris store, and is also designed by Kengo Kuma.
The bamboo-fenced lounge is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy tea, confectionaries, and light meals as well as our selection of wine.


At Jugetsudo Paris, our customers can experience the essence of Chazen and Japanese culture through genuine aromatic teas.
In the basement tea room, we hold various cultural activities such as tea ceremonies, exhibitions, and sales of traditional crafts.

The house was constructed by a world-class architect, Kengo Kuma “I wanted to build a space reminiscent of a bamboo forest.

There is a different kind of air to a bamboo forest that divides the usual world, with a different kindof light.
For this kind of a special space, I placed a solid slate of Japanese cypress with no knots or gnarls.
Japanese cypress is a special kind of wood, and it was believed that items placed on such a counter would become smoother.
My intentions were to have people enjoy the taste of “nature” upon this counter. The basement is a stone tea room.
Tea will likely hint at yet another dimension, in the basement caverns of Paris”

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